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Ong Seok Kim (Chinese: ???; pinyin: Wáng Sh? J?n; 21 November 1884 - 31 May 1964) was an educationist, social worker, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was born in Jindou, Yongchun County, Fujian Province in China and migrated to the then Malaya (now Malaysia) in 1903. As an entrepreneur, Ong began building up his wealth through trading in supplies for tin miners in the Ipoh/Gopeng area in the state of Perak, and later as a local trader in Sitiawan, Manjung District (formerly known as Dindings District), also in Perak. He continued building his wealth through establishing retail shops, and later through investment in rubber estates and commercial properties in Manjung District and as far as Betong in Thailand. The wealth he created would later be used towards various charity and education projects in Manjung District, and in particular, Sitiawan town

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