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Anne Finch, Countess Of Winchilsea

Anne Finch (née Kingsmill), Countess of Winchilsea (April 1661 – 5 August 1720), was an English poet. Finch's works often express a desire for respect as a female poet, lamenting her difficult position as a woman in the literary establishment and the court, while writing of "political ideology, religious orientation, and aesthetic sensibility". Her works also allude to other female authors of the time, such as Aphra Behn and Katherine Phillips. Through her commentary on the mental and spiritual equality of the genders and the importance of women fulfilling their potential as a moral duty to themselves and to society, the Countess is regarded as one of the integral female poets of the Restoration Era. Finch died in Westminster in 1720 and was buried at her home at Eastwell, Kent

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Thirst of wealth no quiet knows, But near the death-bed fierce grows.

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Did I, my lines intend for public view,How many censures, would their faults pursue,Some would, beca ...

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They err, who say that husbands can't be lovers.

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