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Louis Braille

Louis Braille (/?bre?l/, listen ; French: [lwi b?aj]; 4 January 1809 – 6 January 1852) was a Frenc

Leo Tolstoy

Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (/?to?lst??, ?t?l-/; Russian: ??? ??????????? ????????, Lev Nikolajev


Laozi (also Lao-Tzu /?la??dz?/ or Lao-Tze, Chinese: ??; pinyin: L?oz?, literally "Old Master") was a

Ludwig Von Mises

Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises (German: [?lu?tv?ç f?n ?mi?z?s]; 29 September 1881 – 10 October 1

Lord Byron

George Gordon Byron (later Noel), 6th Baron Byron, FRS (22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824), commonly

Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson or Leif Ericson (Old Norse: Leifr Eiríksson; Icelandic: Leifur Eiríksson; Norwegian:

Lebron James

LeBron Raymone James (/l??br?n/; born December 30, 1984) is an American professional basketball play

Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver (born Laura Suzanne Schechter, November 8, 1982) is an American author of the New York

Libba Bray

Libba Bray (born Martha Elizabeth Bray; March 11, 1964) is an American writer of young adult novels

Lewis Carroll

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (/?t???rlz ?l?tw?d? ?d?ds?n/; 27 January 1832 – 14 January 1898), better

Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (born September 27, 1982), known professionally as Lil Wayne, is an Americ

Lou Holtz

Louis Leo "Lou" Holtz (born January 6, 1937) is a former American football player, coach, and analys

Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott (/???lk?t, -k?t/; November 29, 1832 – March 6, 1888) was an American novelist an

Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas (born 1964) is a best-selling American author of historical and contemporary romance no

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein (/?v?t??n?sta?n/; German: [?v?tg?n??ta?n]; 26 April 1889 – 29 Apr

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ (born 21 September 1934) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, pa

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery OBE (November 30, 1874 – April 24, 1942) was a Canadian author best known for

Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell Kaye Hamilton (born February 19, 1963) is an American fantasy and romance writer. She is bes

Lewis Black

Lewis Niles Black (born August 30, 1948) is an American stand-up comedian, author, playwright, socia

Ll Cool J

James Todd Smith (born January 14, 1968), known professionally as LL Cool J (short for Ladies Love C

Lewis Thomas

Lewis Thomas (November 25, 1913 – December 3, 1993) was an American physician, poet, etymologist,

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson (/?l?nd?n ?be?nz ?d??ns?n/; August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973), often refer

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (/d??kæpri.o?/; born November 11, 1974) is an American actor and film pro

Larry Ellison

Lawrence Joseph "Larry" Ellison (born August 17, 1944) is an American internet entrepreneur, busines

Laura Schlessinger

Laura Catherine Schlessinger (born January 16, 1947) is an American talk radio host, socially conser

Lord Chesterfield

Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield KG PC (22 September 1694 – 24 March 1773) was a B


Titus Lucretius Carus (/?ta?t?s l??kri???s/; c. 99 BC – c. 55 BC) was a Roman poet and philosopher

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (/?l?dv?? væn ?be??to?v?n/, /?be?t?ho?v?n/; German: [?lu?tv?ç fan ?be?t?ho?fn