Quote Of The Day


“I had [the hold] too loose. I shouldn't have attempted the throw. I should have went with something else.”

David Watts



“Life, like a child, laughs, shaking its rattle of death as it runs.”

Rabindranath Tagore


June 16, 2019

God makes his gospel attractive through his people.

Gary Rohrmayer


June 15, 2019

If you come to a really religious man you will feel a grace around him, effortless. He has not done anything to himself, he has simply relaxed into the ultimate, and you feel the effortlessness around him.



June 14, 2019

I want to be a writer who reminds others that these moments exist; I want to prove that there is infinite space, infinite meaning, infinite dimension

Anais Nin


June 13, 2019

Can one be a saint if God does not exist? That is the only concrete problem I know of today.

Albert Camus


June 12, 2019

I do feel I'm being respectful to Buddhism and martial arts with 'Mortal Kombat.'

Mark Dacascos


June 11, 2019

I have moved from certainty to doubt, from devotion to rebellion.

Phil Donahue


June 10, 2019

Meditation doesn't have to be complicated. What I do is about as simple as you can get. You could just count the beads, one, two, three, with your eyes closed or open, whatever makes you happy.

Lou Reed


June 9, 2019

“Developers won't need to build these classes themselves, and XML documents won't be as bulky as they might be because we won't need to include these classes in the application code.”

Anne Thomas


June 8, 2019

The flowers, the gorgeous, mystic multi-coloured flowers are not the flowers of life, but people, yes people are the true flowers of life, and it has been a most precious pleasure to have temporarily strolled in your garden.

Lord Buckley


June 7, 2019

When I was in high school, I was a late bloomer. And just like all those supermodels who said they were gawky and no one liked them, that was me - metaphorically. And so I was ready to rise like a phoenix in later times.

Stephen Malkmus


June 6, 2019

“We're seeing this trend in the manufacturing industry as a whole. The steel industry, as far back in the process as you can go, was one of the first to feel the stress of all this. Heavy manufacturing continues to fall out throughout the country. This company is no exception.”

Susan Smith


June 5, 2019

And all men are ready to pass judgement on the priest as if he was not a being clothed with flesh, or one who inherited a human nature.

Saint John Chrysostom


June 4, 2019

“We're not sure why he didn't shoot that victim. His hands were tied behind his back, but he was still able to get out.”

Phil Cline


June 3, 2019

In love, nothing exists between heart and heart.Speech is born out of longing,True description from the real taste.The one who tastes, knows;the one who explains, lies.How can you describe the true form of SomethingIn whose presence you are blotted out?And in whose being you still exist?And who lives as a sign for your journey?

Rabia Al-adawiyya


June 2, 2019

“Tim Burton... as an actor you wait and wish and hope and pray you'll work with him.”

Casper Van Dien


June 1, 2019

It's always the people who don't want things who get them.

Candace Bushnell


May 31, 2019

I fall in love very easily.

Marilyn Manson


May 30, 2019

“women?s reproductive freedom - what is the court going to do in some of the cases that are pending and are going to be heard this fall.”

Lincoln Chafee