Animation Related Quotes

I was always into cartoons and animation.

Nonito Donaire


Animation requires a great deal of concentration, and I preferred to work alone because then I'm not deterred by somebody asking me if I want coffee, or the phone ringing or something.

Ray Harryhausen

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Animation is very singular. Like, even the 'Toy Story' movies. People will go, 'Oh, gosh, you're so lucky, getting to play opposite Tom Hanks!' And it's, like, 'It may have appeared to be that, but we were never in the room together.'

Annie Potts

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With animation, if something does not fit, you always have the time to change it. When you make a live-action movie, when your days of shooting are over, they are over forever.

Marjane Satrapi


Animation means to invoke life, not to imitate it.

Chuck Jones


I feel like there's a lot of drama in weather. It's something that's done really often in live action, so I figure, why not translate that to animation?

Kirsten Lepore

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The thing with animation is that you record the actors like a radio show and then the animators become actors in their own way because it's their job to take this puppets and make them seem alive. They bring their own personalities to the way they move these puppets.

Wes Anderson

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My father had a Super 8 camera when I was a kid and sometimes he would use it. I did some animation with it. I did a lot of flipbooks.

Michel Gondry

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If you're not [Federico] Fellini you might make something very vulgar. Animation made it possible to maintain unity with all these different narratives.

Marjane Satrapi

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“The animation is being done right now as we speak, ... [That work] is being done here at the Ranch. A lot of the effects will be done in Singapore. But that won't really start moving forward, I mean it's just now conceptual work and script work now. I think George is trying to get 13 scripts done first before we really get into the pipeline of it. But that'll start happening probably at the end of March.”

Rick Mccallum

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