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I'm hoping to develop a lot of graphic novels and television shows and films and animation. I've got my hands in a lot of different things!

Michael B. Jordan

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I was lucky enough to go to an all-boys prep school in upstate New York that had a film program, so we had access to 16mm Bolex cameras, Nagra sound recorders, Arriflex cameras. We even had an Oxberry animation stand!

Warren Spector

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I'm a bit of a weird creature... I'm self taught and went to a regular film school, not art school, and I think it's unusual for somebody to approach animation from that angle. In a sense I've sometimes consclassered myself more of a filmmaker who just happens to animate.

Don Hertzfeldt

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Computer animation is one way to liberate people from their circumstantial gravity, and it is one way to give them mental freedom.

Cai Guo-qiang

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People, they think that animation is a style. Animation is just a technique. It's like, people, they think that comics is a style, like comics is a superhero story. Comic is just a narration, and is a medium, you can say any kind of story in comics and you can say of any kind of story in animation.

Marjane Satrapi


The process of producing a project is one long string of delight and anxiety, but I think the real thrill of animation would have to be drawing the pictures.

Mamoru Hosoda

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I'm a big fan of science fiction, animation, and things of that nature. Other worlds and that type of stuff.

Lupe Fiasco

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“The red and gold is a nice tribute. To the golden age of animation to today that she's red hot.”

Frank Caruso

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When I was a teenager, my dad watched my films and told me I could go to art college and study animation. He made me see that I could do this for a living.

Nick Park


If you ask anyone in animation, how long they've been into animation, they'll pretty much always tell you that it's since they can remember, and I'm no exception.

Alex Hirsch