Commercial Related Quotes

A lot of animal experiments consider only commercial interests. We want to ban all animal experiments as soon as possible.

Marianne Thieme

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The magic kit we developed with Idea Village is an extraordinary success in 40,000 stores across America. The TV commercial we shot for it has produced amazing results - unbelievable.

Criss Angel

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I rarely listen to commercial radio, and when I do, I'm shocked by how many ads there are, and how annoying they are, and how bad the radio station usually is.

Susan Orlean

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The world thinks that music is a commercial commodity. I'm glad that is not my code.

Sun Ra

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The commercial spirit is the spirit of profit, not patriotism; of credit, not honor; of individual gain, not national prosperity; of trade and dickering, not principle.

Lincoln Steffens

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Imitation can be commercial suicide.

William Bernbach


Despite whatever commercial kind of success you might have or radio success, I don't want to do something just to get as many people as possible to listen.

David Archuleta

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I thought I started acting at 5 or 6, it was really when they were interviewing real families for a toothpaste commercial. They interviewed our family.

Mara Wilson


I guess maybe I try to make movies that are closer to real life than are many Hollywood movies. But I still try to stay within a commercial narrative, a contemporary American vernacular.

Alexander Payne

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I like to get produced. I'm not saying I write to be commercial, I mean "Hazelwood High" they light a girl on fire, so it wasn't the most.

Rob Urbinati

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