Community Related Quotes

“We understand the legislation to place a bond measure before California voters in June 2006, that the community was relying upon to seek funding for the purchase, has been tabled until the next legislative session,”

Ann Simpson

“They retired last January and the reception provides a forum for us and the community to show our appreciation for their dedication. They were recognized with resolutions at the time and each presented with a crystal bowl in tribute to their many years of service.”

Harry Bork

“If money can be saved without impacting student achievement and while still maintaining services to our community then it bears looking into.”

Linda Mora

“Our congressional delegation knows the community is very supportive of these projects.”

Charles Flynn

Churches, depending on their policy, can do fantastic work with people in the community.

Annie Lennox

“The government wants the international community to condemn Sudan and ... the refugees can be used as a negotiating chip.”

Claire Bourgeois

“[Danielle] represents the new generation of philanthropy in our city. She's young; she's educated; she's very active in the community; and she's passionate and innovative.”

Dennis Kelly

“It builds on their leadership skills and expands on their awareness of the community.”

Libby Gierach

“It is our hope that the Retailer Recognition Campaign has served to deliver this simple message to the retail community: What's recognized gets repeated. What our organization has found is that the benefits of rewarding positive clerk behavior and promoting the use of positive reinforcement to help prevent underage sales can resonate beyond just the person being recognized. We feel that rewarding the right behavior and telling others in the community about it creates a positive ripple effect both within an individual retail establishment and indeed across the retail industry as a whole.”

David Glenn

“help retain a strong manufacturing presence in this community long-term.”

Kim Freeman