Cost Related Quotes

“Motorola has a great portfolio of wireless broadband products that can cost-effectively extend the voice and high-speed digital subscriber lines (DSL) of our IOC customers. The Motorola MOTOwi4 Canopy broadband products are of special importance because they round out the Alltel product portfolio for last mile access to the home.”

Scott Evans

“Bureaucratic regulations, rules and procedures are numerous and nontransparent, adding to the cost of doing business; the tax structure is complex and permits inefficient resource use and privatization is proceeding too slowly.”

Daniella Markheim

“And the provision included to offset the cost of these programs recognizes that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for certain lifestyle prescription drugs through Medicare and Medicaid.”

Charles Grassley

“We intend to continue to manage the company's cost structure to remain profitable in the second quarter and the remainder of fiscal 2002,”

Alan Graf

“We either increase the cost to the schools, or spend less time on the roads”

Christopher Williams

“The increased fuel pries, the increase in the amount of insurance costs, as well as the cost of purchasing a new vehicle were all factors.”

Gloria Sutton

“Instead of listening to the concerns of Utah residents to help lower the cost of gasoline, Rep. Matheson today listened to party leaders and voted against consumers in Utah.”

Carl Forti

“A normal show would cost somebody to have a professional handler, about $75 a show. At Westminster, because the handlers are all champions, the fees can more than double. Probably more like $200.”

Donald Adams

“This announcement addresses three major industry trends — organizations' focus on cost reduction strategies, organizations' need to find measurable value for IT investments in a very short order, and organizations' need to allow their staff members to collaborate with one another from wherever they are, using whatever network enabled device they choose. Customers deploying open source software in a virtual machine can reduce their software and hardware costs, and simultaneously enhance their agility in addressing future computing needs.”

Dan Kusnetzky

?You should detail your house like you'd detail your car if it were for sale. The cost of staging your home is usually less than your first price reduction!?

Barb Schwarz