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“We regret Jeff's decision to resign, as he has been a big part of our success for over eleven years, ... But, we have the strongest and deepest talent we have ever had in the organization, our business is extremely strong, and our growth prospects have never been better.”

Kenneth Lay

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When you are faced with an important decision, be sure that your choice will lead you nearer to Christ.

Paul V. Johnson

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“I'm sure whoever is going to choose the new coach will make a good decision and pick somebody who will continue our success.”

Austin Kelly

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“You can tell he's still a little young, but I think his decision making has gotten better. It's just a matter of time before he becomes a dominant player. I'm hoping it doesn't happen this week.”

Charlie Peprah

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The most difficult thing is the decision to act!

Amelia Earhart

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“The decision of the Iraqi Islamic Party does not represent the views of the Sunnis. This is a ploy by the people in power to divide the Sunnis,”

Saddam Hussein

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?We are disappointed in the decision that the Board of Finance has made. We feel this was a very tightly crafted budget, and that we justified our expenditures in a number of discussions with the Board of Finance.?

Becky Coffey

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“The decision about what happens regarding the Euro 2008 qualifying campaign in case of a split is also up to the international football governing bodies.”

Aleksandar Boskovic


I always make decisions with the facts so I would look to make an early decision with the benefit of the facts.

Andrea Leadsom

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“It's a philosophical decision consistent with our values. We think this is just not good public policy.”

Ken Chalk

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