Delight Related Quotes

The interminable forests should become graceful parks, for use and delight.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Every one in this world has as much as they can do in caring for themselves, and few have leisure really to think of their neighbours distresses, however they may delight their tongues with talking of them.

Hester Lynch Piozzi


Epigrams delight us into wisdom.

Michael R. Burch

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In the human species at all events there is a great diversity of pleasures. The same things delight some men and annoy others, and things painful and disgusting to some are pleasant and attractive to others.



Among the most remarkable features characterizing Zen we find these: spirituality, directness of expression, disregard of form or conventionalism, and frequently an almost wanton delight in going astray from respectability.

D.t. Suzuki

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True repentance will entirely change you; the bias of your souls will be changed, then you will delight in God, in Christ, in His Law, and in His people.

George Whitefield

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Truth is a constant delight to those that love her; such beauty holds no power to offend.

Stephen R. Lawhead

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The object of music is a Sound. The end; to delight, and move various Affections in us.

Rene Descartes


Solitude is the soul's holiday, an opportunity to stop doing for others and to surprise and delight ourselves instead.

Katrina Kenison


The secret of a happy life is to delight in duty. When duty becomes delight, then burdens become blessings

Warren W. Wiersbe

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