Deputies Related Quotes

“My advice to them: Take the money and run, ... Spend it on your sheriff's deputies, your firefighters and our public hospitals. Spend it and don't pay it back.”

Charlie Melancon

“When deputies attempted to arrest Mr. Larson, he refused to exit his house, despite the fact that they had a valid warrant for his arrest.”

Mark Roe

“I am very proud of my deputies, ... They handled this situation absolutely perfectly.”

Mike Winters

“Have a deputy and develop a successor. Don't be consumed by the job or you'll risk losing your balance. Keep your mooring lines to the outside world - family, friends, neighbors, people out of government, and people who may not agree with you.”

Donald Rumsfeld

I was tenaciously opposed by the governor and deputy-governor of the Bank, who had seats in parliament, and I had the City for an antagonist on almost every occasion.

William E. Gladstone

That is why if Lebanon concludes a peace agreement with Israel and brings that accord to the Parliament our deputies will reject it; Hezbollah refuses any conciliation with Israel in principle.

Hassan Nasrallah

“Cash has found stuff that other deputies and myself would not have found without really tearing the vehicle apart.”

Chris Scanlen

Because Adam, God's deputy on earth, transfered his legal dominion to Satan, God became obligated to recognize Satan's legal standing.

Ed Silvoso

“Two deputies, one of whom is a radical, have more in common than two radicals, one of whom is a deputy”

Robert De Jouvenel

Now that I am a deputy, I will cease to be an agitator.

Lajos Kossuth