Driving Related Quotes

“It is only a matter of time until consumers have self-driving cars.”

Sebastian Thrun

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“I enjoy driving the cars and I like the Ford family. Ford was one of the bigger influences of why I stayed at Roush. I wanted to keep driving a Ford because I like the Fords.”

Greg Biffle

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“No, I'm not frustrated, ... I'm very determined. I'm driving hard, and I'm determined. I'm not in much of a Mr. Nice Guy mood. I just want to get the wins and the finishes knocked for my team, my sponsors and my partners and get it right. It's getting ridiculous right now.”

Rusty Wallace


“What's driving this is the significant increase in fraud losses that we have seen across the credit union marketplace over the last 18 months.”

Chris Ryan

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“I grew up on a farm so I thought driving a fire truck would be like handling a grain truck. But the first time I was behind the wheel of a fire truck, I was awestruck by the responsibility. Sure you can run a stoplight, but you have to make sure the intersection is clear before you do. That's when I realized each level you reach in the fire department brings on new responsibility. And there are more people under your wing.”

Andy Adair

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“I take a lot of pride in getting big hits and driving in big runs.”

Carlos Delgado

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“If there's something he's proudest of, it was that center. That became the driving force in his life.”

Stan Perkins

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“The key is driving the ball. If I can drive the ball straight, I give myself a lot of chances for birdies. Looks like I'm beginning to putt again the way I want to. I worked very hard on (it) and it's coming around.”

Vijay Singh


“It wasn't that long ago I was a young man with a hot, fast car driving around fast too, but this is ridiculously fast. This is NASCAR on the Eisenhower.”

Spike O'dell

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“We are aggressively driving the transformation to an entire new generation of multi-core servers. As the most widely-deployed 64bit platform in the industry, Xeon is the clear server and workstation workhorse for business. And as we support the transition to multi-core enterprise computing, Intel is already sampling next-generation processors and platforms that will consume orders of magnitude less power and incorporate new platform technologies that deliver leadership manageability, virtualization and I/O efficiency.”

Diane Bryant