Drop Related Quotes

“There's no possible way you're going to drop a brick and have it fall on your toe. You're going to look at that brick all the way in. I think it's helped.”

Roy Williams

“It's a very easy system. Drop everything for medical in one slot, everything for car in one slot then at the end of the year, you know exactly what you spent.”

Carol Thompson

“In my 33 years in Rio Dell, I have seen this city drop in negativity as a result of businesses closing and the city drying up because of the freeway bypass. But we've dealt with that and the city is united. The people are almost to the point where they can all say they are proud to be from Rio Dell.”

Shane Wilson

“That drop in attendance overwhelmed the lower costs.”

Paul Richard

“We really created some chances, some pretty chances too, with drop passes, and we did what we wanted to do except for finish it. I thought we could do that in the second half and it didn't really happen.”

Dave Palmieri

“That was a neat trick he did there, where he pretended he was going to drop his stick. It was all I could do not to break out laughing on the ice there.”

Mathieu Schneider

“If you drop it below your waist, it's going to be a flatter kick, but if you drop it higher, it will more likely come off of that at a higher angle, ... It's kind of difficult with the drop to get good timing and put it on foot properly. If you don't, then it won't come off with a spiral or with enough force or velocity.”

Chris Wright

“But we prepare during the week for things like that, ... to go in and not let things drop off.”

Mike Furrey

“When a market is this tightly fought, any price drop in a component results in an immediate drop in hardware price.”

Rob Enderle

“While this was an abrupt drop, even if the Nikkei had broken under 15,000 it would have been a fall of around 10 percent. I think that is a completely natural correction.”

Hajime Yagi