Educated Related Quotes

“Sometimes the ignorant are among the most educated.”

Suzanne Fields

“Were it not for the presence of the unwashed and the half-educated, the formless, queer and incomplete, the unreasonable and absurd, the infinite shapes of the delightful human tadpole, the horizon would not wear so wide a grin.”

Frank Moore Colby

“We are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders.”

Walter Cronkite

“My definition of an educated man is the fellow who knows the right thing to do at the time it has to be done. You can be sincere and still be stupid.”

Charles F. Kettering

“I said I _liked_ being half-educated; you were so much more _surprised_at everything when you were ignorant.”

Gerald Durrell

“You're 30, you know cricket isn't the be-all and end-all. You're probably educated and know there is life away from cricket.”

Colin Miller

“He does have a degree from UCLA. He's not only educated, he's intelligent and he's learned a lot over the years. So he has been a great help.”

George Peters

“Lawyers tend to have something credible to say about an important subject. Lawyers have been educated about the legal system, which people are interested in.”

Eugene Volokh

“There is kind of a continuum at the city level. Once a community has really been educated about the hazards of heart disease, then they start to demand smoke-free areas where people congregate outside.”

Cynthia Hallett

“Sales representatives need to be better educated and better informed. In West Virginia they license beauticians, massage therapists and barbers, but not drugs sales reps.”

Dan Foster