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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin

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My favourite setting are England, because I was born here and love it, and Spain, because it's fabulous and so romantic.

Diana Hamilton

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I worked with Roger Moore on three episodes of The Saint. He is a lovely man, a good director, and was my favourite actor to work with.

Shirley Eaton

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J. K. Rowling is one of my favourite authors, and I really admire how she created this big wizarding world. But I think our books are very, very different, and I don't think there can be a next J. K. Rowling. She is one of a kind.

Samantha Shannon

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Edinburgh is my favourite city. We'll be doing a lot of children's theatre and galleries.

Carol Ann Duffy

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Downton Abbey' is one of my favourite shows ever - it's just beautifully filmed, and the stories and characters are so wonderful.

Amanda Donohoe

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I would do nearly anything for a laugh, to tell the truth. And I'm a particular favourite with young men with earrings.

Celia Imrie

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Certain favourite roles are played by us so often before the public and rehearsed so carefully when we are alone that we find it easier to refer to their fictitious testimony than to that of a reality which we have almost entirely forgotten.

Marcel Proust

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I like many different kinds of music. My favourite band is Radiohead, and I'm also a giant Jeff Buckley fan.

Christopher Masterson

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Getting up quite late in the morning, going and trying to clean my bikes - I have quite a few of them in Ranchi - spending some time with my family, my parents and friends. Going out for rides with my friends and having lunch or dinner at a roadside hotel - that's my favourite time-pass. These are the sort of things that really excite me.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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