Graduation Related Quotes

I did graduate with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering in 1948.

Daniel J. Evans

Some go on to trade schools or get further training for jobs they are interested in. Some go into the arts, some are craftsmen, some take a little time out to travel, and some start their own businesses. But our graduates find and work at what they want to do.

Daniel Greenberg

“We have some high expectations. But we did lose some key people to graduation. So we'll see.”

Kevin Stover

I graduated from the University of Whatever.

Dana Snyder

High levels of homeownership have been shown to foster greater involvement in school and civic organizations, higher graduation rates, and greater neighborhood stability.

Ben Bernanke

I think I finally chose the graduate degree in engineering primarily because it only took one year and law school took three years, and I felt the pressure of being a little behind - although I was just 22.

Daniel J. Evans

“[Granville had a 100 percent graduation rate for the 2003-2004 school year. Newark had 78.1, while all other county schools exceed 90 percent. The state's graduation rate is 85.9 percent.] We are by no stretch of the imagination happy with a 78 percent (graduation rate), ... The greatest single education issue we have to deal with is our drop-out rate.”

Dan Montgomery

“I had some difficulties with some classes and planning for graduation, and didn't get to walk with my class at commencement. I know that I missed out on a lot of fun stuff, and the closure that comes with attending your graduation.”

Andy Zircher

?Some of the criteria that is used is the comparisons are potential rate of your freshmen and sophomore has, graduation rates, size of the classes, what percentage of your classes are 20 students or fewer, what percentages are over 40, the faculty student ratio, and ours is a fairly low one in comparison to many other universities, alumni giving rates, the resources that we have for faculty, the number of full-time faculty,?

Barbara Dixon