Hurt Related Quotes

“The truth has to work, all the time, everytime, for everyone, no matter what... Or else... It wouldn't be the truth...”

Rickey Lee Mckim

Hold on...Hold on to yourself. This is going to hurt like hell.

Sarah Mclachlan

“I don't think having your former chairman become vice president is going to hurt your company, if that were to come to be,”

Vince Farrell

“Not having Monica hurt us. She makes a big difference on defense and it also really disrupted our ability to break up that press on the way down the floor.”

Werner Christen

“We expect these moves to hurt near-term results. We also expect both companies to be very conservative with (fiscal 2007) guidance, which could lead to more estimate cuts.”

Michael Wallace

I don't want to hurt myself. I want to stop hurting.

David Foster Wallace

Just being alive It can really hurt These moments given Are a gift from time.

Kate Bush

I'm so tired of men who are afraid to hurt women's feelings.

Sam Kinison

I do think taking the 20s to take the most chances you can is important, because you're not going to hurt anyone else during that time. And if you do have a partner, you need a couple years to rehearse that relationship.

Gail Sheehy

When you have known the kiss of a flaying knife, a laugh loses all its power to hurt you.

George R. R. Martin