Intelligence Related Quotes

“You can't cure stupid (2010)”

Ron White

“The role of the intelligence -that part of us which affirms and denies and formulates opinions is merely to submit.”

Simone Weil

“Earl's 35 years of experience in naval and other Department of Defense intelligence will provide valuable expertise to the company's military intelligence programs. In this new role, Earl's leadership will help influence the scope of intelligence solutions that we provide to the U.S. military.”

Wood Parker

“The charges are out there, and if there was misuse or distortion [of the Iraq intelligence], we need to know it.”

David Kay

What matters is hard work, and emotional intelligence.

Millard Drexler

By using your intelligence, you can sometimes make your problems twice as complicated.

Ashleigh Brilliant

“the total lack of communications, the inability to hear and have good intelligence on the ground about what was actually occurring there.”

Michael Brown

?Be neither silly, nor cunning, but wise?

Benjamin Franklin

Belief is the death of intelligence.

Robert Anton Wilson

“[THIELMANN: When it came to presenting the intelligence community's formal judgment on matters White House officials had already publicly addressed--] especially Iraq's nuclear weapons capabilities ... defended very stubbornly the erroneous CIA interpretation.”

George Tenet