Messages Related Quotes

My whole thing is just to put out positive messages in the music, give people something that can change their lives.

Kid Cudi

Women today are bombarded with so many messages, like we should have Naomi Campbell's body and Madeleine Albright's career.

Helen Fielding

Your mind can go ahead and imagine what it wants to imagine, but a true friend will always remain true, in spite of the false messages running through your mind.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Big messages come in small packages. All it may take to restore someone's trust in life may be returning a lost earring or a dropped glove.

Rachel Naomi Remen

“It's hard for one ad to have a large impact, ... What definitely has an impact is consistent messages that are seen repeatedly and begin to shape children's views of what's right.”

Margaret Campbell

I began to write because I was too shy to talk, and too lonely not to send messages.

Heather Mchugh

We see our sins reflected everywhere: in the pallor of our intimatesâ?? faces, in the scratching of tree branches against windows, in the strange movements of everyday objects. These may be messages from God or tricks of the eye, but in neither case are we permitted to ignore them.

Anna Godbersen

Foreigners are sending messages to the planets. We are sending rice and cereals to our dead fore-father through the Brahmins. It is a wise deed?

Periyar E.v. Ramasamy

In America, everyone writes but no one reads. Everyone's writing all day long - sending emails, tweets, text messages; they all think they're James Cameron's Avatar, performing in some video game for which they make up the script.

Gary Shteyngart

Like all people, we perceive the version of reality that our culture communicates. Like others having or living in more than one culture, we get multiple, often opposing messages. The coming together of two self-consistent but habitually incomparable frames of reference causes un choque, a cultural collision.

Gloria E. Anzaldãºa