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It is a distortion, with something profoundly disloyal about it, to picture the human being as a teetering, fallible contraption, always needing watching and patching, always on the verge of flapping to pieces.

Lewis Thomas


Orthodoxy means not thinking--not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.

George Orwell

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Mark Knopfler has an extraordinary ability to make a Schecter Custom Stratocaster hoot and sing like angels on a Saturday night, exhausted from being good all week and needing a stiff drink.

Douglas Adams


Before, they had never found themselves broken together. Usually, it was one needing the other but not both needing each other, and so there had been a way, by touching, to borrow from the stronger one's strength.

Alice Sebold


Content is King,' and with more screens needing entertaining content now than at any time in history, that statement is truer than ever.

Mark Burnett

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It helps parents to feel better if we remind them of our failures with them! And how they turned out just fine despite our imperfections.... We never get over needing nurturing parents. The more we comfort our own adult children, the more they can comfort our grandchildren.

Eda Leshan

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There are lots of actors, and you need a way to stand out. Writing comedy sketches was a way of doing that.

Sharon Horgan

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“He could get through to the end of the season without needing an operation or it could get that painful he would need the operation next week.”

Graeme Souness

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Poetry is a second translation of the soul's feeling; it must be rendered into thought, and thought must change its nebulous robe of semi-wording into definite language, before it reaches another heart. Music is a first translation of feeling, needing no second, but entering the heart direct.

Frances Ridley Havergal

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People get so caught up in needing to know and having to prove themselves to be right, and I'm blown away by this.


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