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I always feel I can play a role - just give me the time to do the preparation and I'll be it.

Mira Sorvino

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“After a couple days of preparation by speakers from the federal government, the Pentagon, and Randy Cheek, a former assistant secretary of state for African affairs, we were divided into groups of 20. We elected a president and vice president, who then appointed the rest of us to various positions. We were then given a crisis and we had to come up with a solution.”

Nathan Dalpini

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“The Justice Department is working vigorously to stop the preparation and filing of the false or fraudulent returns that unfairly shift the tax burden to honest American taxpayers. People who hire others to prepare their returns should review their returns carefully to make sure that they are true, correct, and complete.”

Eileen J. O'connor

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“But this is the final preparation before the Olympic Games. After the third minute, I couldn't breathe. I was gulping for air, like a fish out of water.”

Evgeni Plushenko

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To do more of a concert thing, it takes so much preparation. You don't just show up and wing it. You're putting countless hours in the studio, not just to write and produce stuff, but to come up with edits and special things for the show.


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The real preparation for [Christ's] return is not to act like we know it's coming right now and do something different. It's to do what we should have been doing all along.

Mike Huckabee


“What is occurring is a preparation not for a peaceful protest ... but for an act of provocation against law enforcement bodies to incite the use of force with the aim of causing chaos and confusion and seizing power.”

Stepan Sukhorenko

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Russell Wilson has got a tremendous competitive mindset and it stems from the confidence that he feels based on the preparation that he puts in.

Pete Carroll

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I don't think we'll understand Advent correctly until we see it as a preparation for a revolution.

Robert Barron

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Preparation can only take you so far , after that you've got to take a few leaps of faith

Michael Scofield