Prime Related Quotes

“The Indian prime minister was very kind to ring me up and offer all possible assistance,”

Pervez Musharraf

“The then prime minister, Michel Rocard, decided in 1989 that the sale should go through,”

Roland Dumas

“I didn't want to be knocked over by a car and have my obituary talk only about Prime Suspect.”

Helen Mirren

“Of course I'd have loved to be Prime Minister. But I'm not nursing a grievance.”

Kenneth Clarke

“Bono is no longer supporting the prime minister's position...niether are canadians.”

Jack Layton

“Sharon gave Israelis a sense of security and unity. He was the prime instigator of the settlement movement and the prime mover to rectify the damage it caused. His nickname 'Bulldozer' best describes his role in the military and politics, a non-ideological aggressive doer.”

Yossi Alpher

“He's a legit point guard with size, he's an excellent defender, and he still hasn't entered his prime, ... The other thing we like about Chauncey is that he really wants to be here. He chose us over 12 to 14 other teams. That means a lot.”

Rick Carlisle

“Prime Minister, you have blood on your hands.”

Ehud Barak

“The prime minister is currently in surgery; it is proceeding properly. We need to wait patiently. I expect him to emerge from it safely.”

Dr. Shlomo Segev

“Whereas last year there was a clear popular preference for Mr Brown over Mr Blair as Prime Minister, that has now all but vanished.”

Anthony King