Rise Related Quotes

Awake thee, my Lady-Love! Wake thee, and rise! The sun through the bower peeps Into thine eyes.

George Darley

“The currency swing that's occurred since January 1, about a 9 percent rise in the dollar, doesn't just impact you for the quarter that it occurs in. It impacts you all year.”

Alexander Henderson

She hugged me and I could feel the heat rise in my face, either from shame or love, like there was a difference.

Christopher Moore

More stars in the north are seen not to set, while in the south certain stars are no longer seen to rise.

Nicolaus Copernicus

Occasionally, a man must rise above principles.

Warren Buffett

Before you ask for the people to rise up and take what's theirs, meet the people, because they're really, really, bafoons.

Doug Stanhope

Hitler's brothers are on the rise, they're wearing everyday disguises.

Paula Cole

Someday Iâ??d like to see something rise up out of the earth â??just for the sake of variety.

David Eddings

Postmodernism lives in the academy, where words abandon reality to serve ambition, and reputations rise on hot air.

Walter Darby Bannard

“The rise in consumer-directed health care means that Americans will need information and tools that help them make more informed medical and financial decisions. We are pleased to collaborate with Dell on their leadership initiatives to provide employees with access to personal health histories online.”

Wayne Gattinella