Ability Related Quotes

“Americans saw a complete collapse of the government's ability to protect them.”

Wayne Lapierre

Much of command is the ability to take command.

Louis L'amour

Power is the ability to achieve purpose.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

It was the joy of admiration and of one's own ability, growing together.

Ayn Rand

“There was a real skepticism about the ability to rebuild and make things work in the future at the state and local level.”

Robert Blendon

ability to see yourself clearly possible only after you stop looking out for you.

Lity Munshi

“It has no ability to develop new knowledge through hypothesis testing, modification of the original theory based on experimental results and renewed testing through more refined experiments that yield still more refinements and insights,”

Hunter Rawlings

“The opening of this facility brings new manufacturing capabilities to China and further strengthens the country's ability to deliver products to the worldwide market.”

Craig Barrett

“the most important and stunning discovery I made at art school was the ability to live by the single line... no shading, no multiple lines, no cross-hatching, no subterfuge. Just that line.”

Chuck Jones

“The key difference is that John Faso combines a commitment to conservative ideas with a proven ability to run an effective statewide campaign here in New York.”

Michael Long