Absentee Related Quotes

“It just demonstrates that we have an absentee head of state, someone who comes every couple of years for a couple of days. And obviously we would prefer to have an Australian head of state who lives in Australia full time.”

Alison Henry

“I'm disappointed with myself. I went on to the (NHLPA) website where there's the (absentee-ballot) form to download and fill out. I was all ready to do it, but I missed the (deadline). I feel for the guys playing down in the States. Down there, you get no news about Canada.”

Andrew Ference

“The alleged improper return of absentee ballots by third parties does not, in and of itself, constitute a basis for invalidating all of the absentee ballots cast in Bay County,”

Katherine Harris

“I've had great success with the program, especially with absentee landlords. They've hired landscapers and are really keeping their properties clean.”

David Garcias

“Absentee voters,in general, tend to be more upscale and therefore likely to be more Republican. On the other hand, the bulk of the absentees is in the West Coast and particularly in California, and that tends to be a little more liberal. So we don't know.”

Curtis Gans

“Everybody becomes an absentee voter.”

Paul Kelley

“Every morning after all the absentee reports were in, he would leave walking and go to your house. If they were supposed to be in school, before 12 o'clock he'd find them and tear their butts up and they'd be in school.”

Annie Mcgee

“For about eight years, various board members have suggested that we have an absentee rate that is too high.”

Rick Caporale