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“For about eight years, various board members have suggested that we have an absentee rate that is ...

- Rick Caporale
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“I'm disappointed with myself. I went on to the (NHLPA) website where there's the (absentee-ballot ...

- Andrew Ference
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“Absentee voters,in general, tend to be more upscale and therefore likely to be more Republican. O ...

- Curtis Gans
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“The alleged improper return of absentee ballots by third parties does not, in and of itself, cons ...

- Katherine Harris
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“It just demonstrates that we have an absentee head of state, someone who comes every couple of ye ...

- Alison Henry
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“Every morning after all the absentee reports were in, he would leave walking and go to your house ...

- Annie Mcgee
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“I've had great success with the program, especially with absentee landlords. They've hired landsc ...

- David Garcias
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“Everybody becomes an absentee voter.”

- Paul Kelley
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