Absolute Related Quotes

“I don't pretend to know how best to draw the absolute line. It's a tough call.”

Education Commissioner Richard Cate

“There have not been any definitive conclusions as to an absolute benefit.”

Corey Walker

“Beyond the absolute shock and horror of knowing I had just lost my first-born child, was this sense of sadness and despair. And asking yourself if you've done enough-whether you've given enough as a parent.”

Kevin Roach

“It's hard on me, yes, but it is the absolute toughest thing for a teenager. We've had a couple of long talks about how long this is going to take. She wants to get up and go now, but I think she's finally beginning to understand that's not how it works.”

Rusty Agte

“Dubai has acknowledged the absolute importance of securing cargo against terrorists.”

Robert Bonner

“That is why we do not understand the U.S. dollar at the moment as the universal or absolute reserve currency.”

Alexei Kudrin

“This new-look side is HIS side, they are all HIS signings and as such, HE must take absolute responsibility if things go down the pan,”

David Giles

“Currently, the Canadian dollar has been on a tear, an absolute tear. It's been massively outperforming other currencies.”

Marc Levesque

“We had absolute military superiority but they had absolute political supremacy. That led to a stalemate - and that became the governing issue.”

David Halberstam

“Looking (only) at the absolute number of funds that closed is missing the point.”

Saleem Siddiqi