Absolutely Related Quotes

“I think he's absolutely right. We have a problem in our high schools.”

Connie Jones

“Todd did a great job. I can't say enough about him. He's absolutely wowed me.”

Doug Biega

“Absolutely. Sometimes the public lumps everybody together, so if one does it everybody does it, and that's not the case.”

Steve Trachsel

“We had preordered and also had cheese quiche with potato crust. It was absolutely wonderful,”

Van Horn

“I am absolutely delighted for both of them. They're great guys with big hearts. Defensively they've always been superb but that was a massive improvement in their attacking game.”

Phil Larder

“We absolutely expected this kind of game. We knew it was going to be scrappy, we knew it was going to be shot for shot and it was a pretty evenly matched game.”

Sheila King

“I absolutely think he?s a conservationist in the good sense of that word, and he?s not out there on the fringe following a dogma, but rather trying to solve problems. People ought to consider themselves very lucky that they have him in that position rather than someone who might be considered a demagogue.”

Chuck Cushman

“With everyone back and the awesome recruits that we had coming in this year it has been absolutely incredible.”

Kristen Merlino

“It's absolutely awesome. To do it earlier, and with more seats, is great. That's exactly what we'd hoped to do.”

Chris Browning

“My guess is he's been out there before and he's escalating in his crimes, which makes him more dangerous, Absolutely. And the question is when.”

Pat Brown