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“It was warmer diving into the pool in Abu Dhabi.”

- Martin Allen
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“Abu Ali intends to plead not guilty to all of these charges. He expects to have a fair trial at w ...

- Edward Macmahon
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“I am happy with my game so far in the season although I could have done much better in Abu Dhabi ...

- Vijay Singh
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“Most Australians would ask why is it that Schapelle Corby gets sentenced to 20 years for importin ...

- Kevin Rudd
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“Both of them (Katsav and Sharon) confirmed that they were ready to meet Abu Mazen as well without ...

- Saeb Erakat
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“The two industrial cities will further consolidate Abu Dhabi's stature as a leading international ...

- Carlos Charlie Borde
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“Congratulations to the Islamic nation, to our sheikh Osama abu Abdullah ( Osama bin Laden ), to o ...

- Al-qaeda
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