Abundance Related Quotes

“Greatness is when your passion turns into your purpose and your purpose creates abundant success which leads to a great significance.”

Rodel Natividad Casio

“When you have nothing, a little goes a long way. When you have a lot, a little seems like nothing.”

Kamaal Dakari Connolly

“We have quite an abundance of clothing right now, but we always need furniture.”

Claudia Tremaine

“Abundance is about being rich with or without money.”

Suze Orman

“Abundance does not spread; famine does”

Zulu Proverb

“Begin to prepare for financial freedom and abundance now, seek to face of God in order to know His will”

Sunday Adelaja

“Christianity contains the most truthful, abundant and logical paradox.”

Kimto Oche Emmanuel

“Freedom exists in altitudes of high and low, near, far and beyond, lost and found, lack and abundance. In every corner of the world lies freedom ready to be conceived. ...And let it be so...The freedom to be whole....”

Maurice Spees

?It doesn't sound like they have an abundance of clues.?

Barry Morris

“We opened our shelters in an abundance of caution. In reaction to Katrina, we wanted to be extremely proactive.”

Dave Byron