Abused Related Quotes

“abused by the typhoon of the news media.”

Chandra Levy

“Innocent People do not have to lie, hide or be silent, because there is nothing for us to be ashamed about. We leave that for the Guilty People to encounter every day of their life.”

Patty Rase Hopson

“We feel hopeless and homeless and abused.”

Richard Grimes

“I think that having been abused when she was a child has had a really damaging affect on her adult relationships.”

Leslie Bennetts

“It's become clear (the practice) can be abused, as we've seen in some recent cases.”

Claire Buchan

“America's humanitarian concern for foreign victims of natural disasters or civil strife is being abused by President Bush when he extends legal status to foreigners in the US when there is no reason that they could not go home safely.”

Dan Stein

“A jack of both sides, is before long, trusted by nobody, and abused by both parties.”


“He's not a psychopath. He's an abused child who comes before this court wondering how much more has to go on in his life before he's given the same opportunities as other children and adults.”

Gary Mitchell

“Fred Hampton spoke out against law enforcement officers who misused and abused their authority.”

Danny Davis

“You get abused like that, and it's good for them. It's like big brother stuff. You get kicked around, and then when he goes to college you grow up. That's how we've got to look at this team.”

Chris Lowery