Abusing Related Quotes

My parents taught me the way to deal with being picked on was to be compassionate. I had to defend myself physically, but I had to be compassionate and understand the position of those abusing me. I had to figure it out and then rise above it.

Saul Rubinek

“I think patent trolls are abusing the system.”

Lamar Smith

Neither a state nor a bank ever have had unrestricted power of issuing paper money without abusing that power.

David Ricardo

“We believe the motive [of the shooting ] was to punish Kinsey for abusing his ex-wife and see that she didn't have to go through that again.”

Sgt. Jarrard Copeland

“If an employee has a substance abuse problem, or their husband is abusing them at home, or they're going through some trauma, most are not likely to go to the HR department and say, 'Would you just listen to me for a while?' That's where a chaplain fulfills a need.”

David Miller

The majority of people in developed countries spend at least some time interacting with the Internet, and Governments are abusing that necessity in secret to extend their powers beyond what is necessary and appropriate.

Edward Snowden

“Long before he got the gun, he was abusing her.”

Ellen Brown

The American people do not begrudge anyone his or her power until they start abusing it.

Chris Bell

Abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people.

George Pell

The fear of becoming old is born of the recognition that one is not living now the life that one wishes. It is equivalent to a sense of abusing the present.

Susan Sontag