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“It's absolutely abysmal compared to other countries with equal per capita GDP. Talk about aiming ...

- Ravi Bhagavan
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“The (poll) numbers suggest an abysmal program. This benefit was designed to make it impossible fo ...

- Robert Hayes
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“Notwithstanding the sorry state of the company, the apparent lack of financial controls, the cons ...

- Daniel Loeb
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“These are abysmal numbers, suggesting a deeply pessimistic consumer in the first half of Septembe ...

- Christopher Low
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“Many of the countries highlighted in this report have absolutely abysmal records of torture and o ...

- Dr. William F. Schulz
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“The distance separating the statute and constitutionality is so abysmal that negotiations are imp ...

- Mariano Rajoy
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“Some good things are happening even in abysmal states.”

- Ken Duckworth
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