Academics Related Quotes

“Having a baby made her more focused on academics and athletics.”

Kirk Nauman

“Our student-athletes continually strive to set the standard on the Yard for our Brigade in military performance, academics and conduct, ... The support and encouragement they receive through the Commandant and his staff and the academic dean's office is extraordinary and provides tremendous motivation to be successful across the board. We are all proud to be leaders on the field of competition, but even more so when we can prove to be leaders in the classroom as well, clearly defining the meaning of a midshipman who is truly a scholar-athlete.”

Chet Gladchuk

“I have heard of many occasions when academics rely on children to explain why a game works and then rely on their own area of specialisation to analyse the game.”

David Giles

“This is a unique balance of academics, play and character development for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. It blends child-initiated and teacher-directed activities to nurture children socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. The goal of creating well-rounded individuals also extends to our after-school program for older students.”

Carmen Caldwell

“They're responding well to the traveling. More than anything, we are making sure they're staying on top of their academics and anything non-soccer related.”

Steve Simmons

“First we look for good academics. Secondly, we look for athleticism. But depending on which school they played at, they might not be the number one player on their team, they might be their third or fourth best player.”

Carol Meegan

“Academics would become trapped in the rigid economic theories of foreign countries, which are not appropriate to our context. I suspect these five universities would only conduct library research.”

Yanuar Rizky

“I stopped (attending) IMG because it was overwhelming and I wanted to concentrate on academics more. Playing for Lakewood Ranch was one of the best experiences I've ever had. We had a great team and a great coach and went to the region semifinal.”

Harris Smriko

“(They) wanted it to be based not only on brotherhood, which every fraternity is based on, but based on ... academics and career goals.”

Zac Elmore

“The BCC's figures, compiled by independent academics from the London and Manchester Business Schools, show businesses are paying an extra £40 billion since 1998. The initiative needs to lead some real change.”

David Frost