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“But the academies, and the improved technical coaching they offer, must be doing their stuff beca ...

- Louise Taylor
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“We've got a national academy, we've got county academies, we've got is a natural development of o ...

- David Collier
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“In African countries, there is no tradition of science academies being trusted or used. It is a t ...

- Wieland Gevers
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“Each year, I have the honor of recommending young men and women for appointment to the U.S. milit ...

- Wally Herger
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“We have been lucky because we have been able to learn from some of the lessons of the existing ac ...

- Phil Hearne
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“They are graduates of maritime academies and they hold degrees in nautical science and maritime t ...

- Wendy Gibson
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“In each attendance zone, the most recent high schools that we have were designed to be career and ...

- Connie Jones
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“I was excited to get Division 1 offers from the military academies, Tulsa, Arkansas State and Lou ...

- Daniel Stegall
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“We could expand the academies, but it wouldn't have much effect because we aren't able to attract ...

- Don Link
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