Accelerated Related Quotes

“Everyone here at the port is surprised by the accelerated volume we see now. There's incredible demand. It is obviously associated with the building boom in Florida and the rebuilding efforts associated with the hurricanes.”

Steve Tyndal

“If the issues are resolved, ... President Clinton is prepared to invite the parties to launch accelerated final status negotiations.”

Madeleine Albright

“There was an accelerated move to the downside late last week -- traders were a little too aggressive in their short positions.”

Dennis Smith

“It lets the Fed feel more comfortable of raising only at a measured, and not an accelerated, pace,”

Anthony Chan

“Dale's death accelerated a lot of the safety provisions we have today. Anytime you see your Superman, your hero, taken away I'm not saying that would have been the savior for Dale, but we know that it gives everyone a much better chance of surviving that type of situation. If that hadn't have happened, those things would probably come a lot slower. From such a horrific accident, we can look back and say that some good things did come from that.”

Dale Jarrett

“I'm not thinking [the accelerated tax rate reductions] would have a huge impact. They always like to say it's an economic stimulus package because they want to give the illusion that the economy is recovering that people will have more money. But it's only a small drop in the tax rates and I don't think in the grand scheme of things most taxpayers are really going to notice it.”

Cindy Hockenberry

“Even though the PPI has accelerated, it hasn't passed over to consumer goods prices, and it hasn't passed through into wage gains,”

Cary Leahey

“It has been an exciting, sometimes bumpy ride since we accelerated our plans and became involved in F1 a year earlier than expected.”

Colin Kolles

“If the observed reconnections were patchy, one or more spacecraft most likely would not have encountered an accelerated flow of particles. Furthermore, patchy and random reconnection events would have resulted in different spacecraft detecting jets directed in different directions, which was not the case.”

Dr. Tai Phan

?The rescue teams are moving forward at an accelerated pace. They're moving faster, performing better than the robot was.?

Ben Hatfield