Access Related Quotes

A multilateral world trade system is our very best hope for addressing the broad range of issues such as market access, tariff and nontariff barriers to trade, trade in services, and trade facilitation.

Victor Fung

It is a dangerous thing to have instant access to your emotions.

Dennis Potter

Everybody likes to hold up a really big righteous sword when people make mistakes. Well guess what, now it's recorded and everyone has access to it... so let's stop judging people.

Ashton Kutcher

“At the moment, I have no idea what the situation is over there as we have no access to those areas.”

Larry Hollingworth

?Would they want Jeff Bagwell now making $17 million, or opt for access to $15 million? I can understand that. But he's under contract. Sometimes you have to live with it.?

Barry Axelrod

I think what I'm trying to build is a reputation for evolving and for change. Because of the rate of information that we have access to at this point, it's almost hard not to be ever-growing.


We're providing planning to a huge audience who's never had access to financial planners before. This was always my plan for LearnVest. It was in my very first pitch deck.

Alexa Von Tobel

Now, tantra is a little bit different than other forms of Buddhism because in tantra what we do is we use the sensorial worlds as access points or pathways to ineffability.

Frederick Lenz

“You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.”

Deepak Chopra

We raise awareness and drop information about access and laws into pop culture spaces through making videos and through live events. That's like fifty percent of what we do.

Lizz Winstead