Accident Related Quotes

“[Being cast in the movie] sort of happened by accident, ... I wasn't looking to be an actress ... it fell in my lap. ... He made a phone call to [my agency] and asked of my whereabouts. He was flying through New York, so we sat down and properly introduced each other and he told me about the character and asked, 'Are you up for the challenge?'”

Kate Nauta

“Garbage in, garbage out. If you have a dysfunctional process then good decisions occur only by accident. A functional, open and honest process will lead to many good decisions. You go about it in a methodical way. You are soliciting input instead of rushing or pushing something through.”

Mark Swanger

“Situations like that make me worried about an unexpected accident, ... There have been miscues on the guerrillas' side and also on the Peruvian government's side.”

Ryutaro Hashimoto

“Everyone is satisfied the engines were not a factor in the accident or whatever it turns out to be,”

Robert Francis

“Stocks moved up after reports said the incident was an accident. But I think the bigger story is that there is a pattern developing where there is a growing pool of buyers that are consistently coming in and buying on weakness.”

Charles Payne

“It was like being in a car accident, but it keeps going and going, non-stop.”

Eddie Ho

“Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.”

Chuck Knox

“Twenty years have already passed since the accident, but the risks and the hazards posed by the reactor are still there.”

Yulia Marusych

“Unless it was a fatal accident, which it doesn't sound like, psychologically it comes down to eating the elephant one bite at a time, (prioritizing) and taking care of the next thing you can do.”

Aron Ralston

“We recognise that all vehicles can be dangerous when in an accident with a pedestrian.”

Royal Society