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“My personal view is that Peter has adequately accommodated the views that were raised.”

- Nick Pappas
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“He requested that he not attend. He was accommodated. That is consistent with board policy.”

- Patrick Rocks
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“If a customer wants to eat healthily, they are accommodated.”

- Kevin Hedderwick
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“It's kind of like the doctor's creed: Do no harm. Make sure that the credential itself can be acc ...

- Reed Stager
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“If airlines feel like they are not going to be able to be accommodated, then they'll start lookin ...

- Allan Mcartor
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“The problem with the whole issue is that both sides need to be accommodated. There does need to b ...

- Linda Chavez
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“It was obvious that many of their concerns were accommodated, but yet they kept coming back and c ...

- Riyad Mansour
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