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“I've always booked the theater with the idea of accommodating the unique needs of our groups. For ...

- Claire Kiley
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?They're being very polite and accommodating. They're doing everything they can to tell you nothing. ...

- Barry Cohen
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“We plan to be as accommodating as possible and look at each situation on a case-by-case basis. We ...

- Erik Christianson
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“It doesn't sound like the UAW is in the mood to be accommodating. So it looks like GM isn't going ...

- Shelly Lombard
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“Robbie Loomis is a great guy, and sometimes I have questioned whether he's too accommodating,”

- Larry Mcreynolds
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“I think what he's proposed is accommodating It's gorgeous.”

- Howard Miller
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“They have been very accommodating over the past six years. They give us tons of space and access ...

- Colette Jenson
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