Accordingly Related Quotes

“Corpus Christi has had so many great fighters, but they have never really been honored accordingly.”

Lou Duva

“The delegates will see Omar as the best choice so, accordingly, Omar will win.”

Dave Allen

“He's open to what the economy is telling him. He proposes risk management and will respond accordingly.”

Chris Burdick

“Violent crimes in our courthouses must cease and those who commit these heinous crimes must be punished accordingly, including the death penalty for murdering judges, law enforcement officials or their families,”

Louie Gohmert

“Look in your landscape and see what you need, then buy accordingly. Don't be an impulse buyer or you'll end up with the wrong plant in the wrong place.”

Pam Brown

“He expects the Mountaineers to do well and has made plans accordingly. We're going on the assumption they're going to win. He has full confidence.”

Lara Ramsburg

“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.”


“We can't treat teachers like glorified test monitors and pay them accordingly if we want to have any hope of keeping teachers in classrooms,”

Chris Bell

“Accordingly, we are unable to comment on the matter.”

Fulvio Tonelli

“They will constitute the basket of the currencies and be weighted accordingly,”

Zhou Xiaochuan