Accountability Related Quotes

“Productivity (is) Process Driven”

Vince L Desalvo

“Your accountability partner keeps you on track and moving forward in all aspects of your development.”

Mike Staver

If I am going to trash others for their dumb predictions, I must at least hold myself to the same sort of accountability.

Barry Ritholtz

The whole human rights structure is based on the accountability of governments.

Mary Robinson

“There is no accountability in soft money. None.”

Zack Wamp

Transparency, accountability and sustainability have become the slogans of the market leaders. Companies carry out environmental and social audits to court the consumer, and even the bluest chips woo organisations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty.

Noreena Hertz

Another cause for the increase in alienation and cynicism is a feeling that too many policy decisions that affect individuals have been taken out of any system that has accountability or that they can influence.

Robert Teeter

My dad, like any coach, has always stressed the fundamentals. He taught me responsibility, accountability, and the importance of hard work.

Steve Young

“I just have a problem giving somebody a lump sum of money without any accountability for it.”

Carl Persis

The people on Wall Street broke this country, and they did it one lousy mortgage at a time. It happened more than three years ago, and there has been no real accountability, and there has been no real effort to fix it.

Elizabeth Warren