Accountability Related Quotes

“The accountability must be there.”

Gary Wadler

The United States stands at the pinnacle of world power. This is a solemn moment for the American democracy. For with primacy in power is joined an awe-inspiring accountability for the future.

Winston Churchill

I would encourage the people out in Chicago and all of us to continue to press for, that type of prosecutorial accountability.

Hakeem Jeffries

If high-tech companies are serious about doing the right thing, they can join together and lobby for more transparency and accountability in the way in which Chinese officialdom deals with Internet services.

Rebecca Mackinnon

“Your accountability partner keeps you on track and moving forward in all aspects of your development.”

Mike Staver

?The result [Republicans winning the Senate] would be devastating for reproductive choice, the environment, civil liberties, Social Security and health care, as well as corporate accountability.?

Barbra Streisand

The eureka moment is two reasons why the output-based standard should be adopted: common sense and accountability. Input-based standards don't encourage energy diversity; they don't create any incentives; they don't produce solar, hydro, nuclear.

Frank Luntz

“It's the integral part of the state's accountability system. It's a high-stakes test, and it's highly secure. It's important they follow all the guidelines and policies for test security before, during and after test administration.”

Deetta Culbertson

Grace does not cancel out our responsibility or accountability for the things God has given us to do.

Mike Bickle

Individualism. Narcissism. Value-free choices. These are all key elements in the decline of the practice of mutual accountability in Western churches, among clergy and laity alike.

David Augsburger