Accountants Related Quotes

“Now record companies are run by lawyers and accountants. The shift from the one to the other was definitely related to when the takes started to get big.”

David Crosby

“We were surprised that bankers and accountants came up so high. I really expected lawyers, maybe television producers and radio announcers (to rank high). In my experiences, they're pretty bad.”

Charles Gerba

“Not being born to parents who were accountants was probably my biggest mistake.”

Chris Eubank

“if there was a tax difference, my accountants have paid everything off.”

Augusto Pinochet

“Because of S-Ox, as soon as they sniff anything, boards have lawyers and accountants reviewing worldwide operations.”

Martin Hall

“I have no use for bodyguards, but I have very specific use for two highly trained certified public accountants.”

Elvis Presley

“kinder and gentler place for accountants.”

Harvey Pitt

“To get qualified accountants, it's extremely difficult.”

Craig Scott

“Accountants are dynamic, interesting, highly intelligent, hard-working individuals.”

Alexa Loo

“A lot of the potential issues are areas that can be subject to different interpretation by accountants.”

Craig Bibb