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“All of us were trying to figure out what the heck accredited media means.”

- Dave Nabity
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“We don't have to do this to get accredited, but when (North Central) reviews the materials they l ...

- Robert Edmunds
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“The Companion Program was developed at the request of email senders who wanted become accredited ...

- Anne Mitchell
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“This jail has been accredited by the state as a jail that can hold juveniles because it has facil ...

- Robert Horan
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“We also offer a company-specific 'accredited asset-management specialist' designation. It covers ...

- Christian Clinton
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“I already know we do meet the basic criteria to be accredited. We just have to wait until the NAI ...

- Michael Flowers
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“It would be a black eye if we got a negative report after being accredited for 10 years.”

- Sean Greene
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