Accurately Related Quotes

As a reporter, you develop an ear for dialogue because it's your job to capture it accurately.

Michael Connelly

It is commonly and, I believe, accurately said of Pakistan that her women are much more impressive than her men.

Salman Rushdie

What is originality? It is being one's self, and reporting accurately what we see and are.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Societies have a peculiar way of relating, or more accurately non-relating, to rape maybe because it is so vicious, they choose to live in denial about it.

Aysha Taryam

Well, logos is science or reason, something that helps us to function practically and effectively in the world, and it must therefore be closely in tune and reflect accurately the realities of the world around us.

Karen Armstrong

“That is something I don't think I could do very accurately at all.”

Andrew Hurly

“We maintain that we can do a better job of accurately portraying what's going on in a courtroom if we can use the best tools available to us.”

Steve Scott

I feel like if you can describe something fully and accurately, then people will be able to see it themselves - they don't need be told what to.

Kenneth Lonergan

In every person's face, there is one place that seems to express them most accurately. With my grandmother, you always looked at her mouth.

Mona Simpson

The magnetic cleavage of the spectral lines is dependent on the size of the charge of the electron, or, more accurately, on the ratio between the mass and the charge of the electron.

Pieter Zeeman