Accustomed Related Quotes

“That's how the system has always been, they [sellers] have become accustomed to it and they can't compete otherwise.”

Sid Connor

“MAGNIFICENT, adj. Having a grandeur or splendor superior to that to which the spectator is accustomed, as the ears of an ass, to a rabbit, or the glory of a glowworm, to a maggot.”

Ambrose Bierce

“Midwestern banks are accustomed to shifts in the local economies. They plan for it. However, they do not avoid it. They get hurt. Their loan losses rise. Their earnings tumble and their stock prices are impacted. It will happen again.”

Richard Bove

“By 1998, the Americans got accustomed to the fact that people in Russia must listen to them and they don't have to listen to anyone here,”

Yevgeny Adamov

“They just become accustomed to that lifestyle. You can't consent to be a prostitute at age 14. That's just an impossibility.”

Chip Burrus

“I knew she was accustomed to playing in high pressure situations.”

Alex Pantarotto

“There's an entire generation of hunters in North Dakota that are just accustomed to CRP being there. We're talking 21 years, and that's what they know on the landscape. I remember what the landscape looked like in the '70s, and believe me, I prefer the conservation activities on cropland remain, and also, CRP is an integral part of what is out there now.”

Dan Hare

“Brooks never impressed me because you were accustomed to him making the plays. This kid reminds me a lot of Brooks on those plays. Brooks owned those things. Brooks was very good on those slow rollers coming in.”

Frank Robinson

“It's strange for me, power-wise. It's not something I'm accustomed to. I'm not going up trying to hit home runs. I'm just trying to get good pitches to hit and they're going out of the park. It's surprising.”

Chris Shelton

“This is the tip of the iceberg of a very oppressive regime that we have almost become accustomed to in America.”

Chris Smith