Aches Related Quotes

“There are always little aches and pains but as long as I pace myself I should be OK. As for the ankle, so far, so good.”

Martina Hingis

“The comforter's head never aches”

George Herbert

“If you or your child has swelling of the cheeks with fever or aches and pains then you need to see your doctor.”

Claudia Blackburn

“The great thing our coaches do, we put him in different formations. We kind of motion him around, we try to create opportunities for him. A lot of teams have rolled to him and taken two guys to cover him. When you can take two guys out with one, you need to be able to run the football.”

Jake Delhomme

The evil influence of Satan would destroy any hope we have in overcoming our mistakes. He would have us feel that we are lost and that there is no hope. In contrast, Jesus reaches down to us to lift us up.

James E. Faust

“When I was younger I used to have little aches and pains but they always disappeared, ... fling.”

Kim Clijsters

organizations like the church or General Motors promote a man up and up until he reaches a spot which he is obviously incapable of filling, and there they lay him to rest.

James A. Michener

American society as a whole can never achieve the outer-reaches of potential, so long as it tolerates the inner cities of despair.

Jack Kemp

Coaches are okay, I guess, but I prefer to do things my own way.

Jack Foster

“Fill all thy bones with aches.”

William Shakespeare