Actions Related Quotes

I am extremely disappointed by the actions of the 9/11 commission.

Curt Weldon

Our actions, habits, character, and future are most definitely affected by our thoughts.

Elizabeth George

“They thought their actions were justified given the circumstances that were at hand. They thought there should have been a full investigation before they were basically issued a summons and arraigned.”

David Benelli

Love doesn't suit the lazy; sometimes it requires strong, precise actions.

Susanna Tamaro

The beauty of independence, departure, actions that rely on themselves.

Walt Whitman

“We have decided there are some remedial actions we can take in left field to make the park play more fair.”

David Montgomery

Three great actions; explore, experiment and experience.

Lailah Gifty Akita

You're aging when your actions creak louder than your words.

Milton Berle

Every man's actions belong to him.

Ben Harper

“We demand that U.S.-led NATO take effective actions to positively react to the solemn demands of the Chinese side.”

Zhu Bangzao