Actor Related Quotes

“What a great actor and what a committed human being, ... For years, he's used his fame for the purpose of developing new talent and providing positive role models for Latinos.”

Antonio Villaraigosa

“An actor is supposed to be a sensitive instrument. Isaac Stern takes good care of his violin. What if everyone jumped on his violin?”

Marilyn Monroe

“Originally my father was a medical student. He suddenly gave up his studies and walked out to become an actor. I thought perhaps I ought to make a decision like that, too, and so I decided to plump for being a film actress. I have not given up the stage, but I am concentrating on the screen until I reach the top.”

Glynis Johns

“It's sweet kismet, ... Dakota is a very gifted actor who will bring great skill and emotional depth to the character. It will be an honor to work with her.”

Henry Selick

“For me as the actor that was about to step onto the stage, carrying the baggage that I do of Remington Steele or Thomas Crown or Bond, I think this was a wonderful way of deconstructing all of that, playing with it and turning it on its ear.”

Pierce Brosnan

?I don't consider an actor a star if he's paid $20 million and grimaces in front of the camera and has a stunt man stand in for him. They may be fine actors, but they're not role models. The real stars are wearing body armor in 130-degree heat . . . They're getting shot at and they don't have any stunt doubles standing in for them.?

Ben Stein

“As an actor, you may do things that aren't politically correct. Unless you're an actor who only does things for political reasons. I believe if we don't do the good, bad, and the ugly, we're not going to progress.”

Rosie Perez

“One thing that you're scared about in casting a child actor is that you don't want to wreck their lives. Most of them end up robbing banks or getting in some kind of trouble. You hope that the kid you cast isn't destroyed by the experience.”

Chris Weitz

“Do I know you? Are you an actor?”

Christina Moore

“If an episodic television actor gets sick, the show can go on hiatus for a couple of weeks until that person gets back, which is an option you don't have on a feature film.”

Chris Palmer